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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

U13 Week 1

Hey Coaches! The weather has finally turned in our favour and we are able to get on the field! I am excited for this season, and can’t wait to hang out with you on the field!
This is our first week, and the emphasis will be on getting to know your players, getting them moving, and just having fun! Do as many of these drills as you like, or tweak them in any way you think will work. I am also always on the field to help out and answer any questions.
As your team shows up give them a ball and have them play pass with each other, or with a parent.
Set up your grid with cones (roughly 15 yards by 15 yards should be good (to measure out a yard just take a big step, that will be roughly a yard, place cones every 5 yards), feel free to make it larger or smaller if you need.
When you change to a new drill, send the team for a REALLY quick water break (30 seconds) or have them working on their juggling, passing between each other, or be creative in how to keep them occupied. If you give them time to goof off, they will do just that and you will struggle to get their attention back.
For timing of each drill, if the kids love it, keep doing it. If they aren't getting it and you don't know what do to help them, either call me over, or feel free to move on to another drill. I would recommend no more than 15 minutes per drill.
Warm Up

Make 2 lines, Placing cones 10 yards apart from eachother
players X ----------------------------------X
10 Yards apart
Players X-----------------------------------X
Have players line up in 2 single-file lines with equal numbers in each.
Have them start at the first cone, and work toward the second cone. Demonstrate and call out the follow: do each 2x, have next player go when player in front is half way through
  • Light jog from cone 1 to 2
  • High knees
  • Heel kicks/ Butt kicks
  • Kicks straight out
  • Kicks across the body
  • Touch the toes (bend down, straight leg, no bending knees and reach as far as you can. Try reaching with left hand to right foot, right hand to left foot)
  • Squats (take 2-3 steps between each)
  • Full sprint from cone 1 to 2

Watch this youtube clip for an idea of what it should look like, not all are in the video

1. Box work
This first week is about getting our touch back, and used to playing soccer on a field again! So to start off after your warm up, do the following: everyone will have a ball
  • Start with dribbling around the box. Encourage players to change direction and not just go around in a circle
    • Remember to take lots of small touches, and not big touches. The ball should never be more than 2 feet away from you at any time
    • DO NOT use your toes, use the inside or outside of your foot
  • As they get better at this, yell “stop” and have the players stop in place. Each time they are getting the hang of things, or you need to switch it up, do this and demonstrate one of the follow:
    • Turn: Place foot on ball and roll it backwards as you turn
    • Sit: Sit down on the ball until the coach says “up”
    • Cut: With the outside of your foot, wrap your foot around the ball and push it in another direction (if they struggle with this one feel free to skip it)
    • Change: Swap balls with another player by running up to them and gently passing the ball
    • Outside: leave your ball and run to a cone on the other side of the box and run back to your ball
    • Etc… Be creative. This is all about getting the players moving, and as many touches on the ball as we can.

2. Gates

-In your grid, place 2 cones about 1 yard apart as shown below. I would recommend making 6 or 7 of these randomly throughout your grid.
-Pair players up in groups of 2 with 1 ball between the 2 of them
- One player is the attacker, the other is the defender. The attacker is trying to run through as many “gates” as possible, and the defender is trying to get the ball.
- To start, the defender is just to follow (as if they are playing follow the leader) just while everyone gets the hang of this drill.
- You can’t go through the same gate twice in a row
- allow each partner to do it once, and then have the defender try to get the ball.
- let them run for 30-60 second before switching.

Soccer Drill Image

3. The Numbers Game
-Split your team into 2 teams. Number them 1-? (depending on how many you have). If you have one team with an extra player, the team with less players give one player 2 numbers (1 and 5 for example) or have your assistant coach play. Give one team pinnies to wear
- Line the teams up one team on each end of your grid
- Play a ball into the middle of the area, and call out a number (as the drill progresses feel free to call out 2 numbers)
-The players will run into the middle and try to get the ball first. The goal is to dribble the ball back to your side and stop it on the line.
- the player that doesn’t get to the ball first is now the defender, and wants to win the ball back and dribble to their own end.
- Keep playing until a point is scored or the ball goes out.

4. Soccer Tennis
-In your grid, split it into 3 equal areas as pictured below. If you made your grid 15yards by 15 yards than these areas should be 5 yards deep by 15 years wide.
-Split your team into 3 equal groups. If you do not have enough for 3 groups than just do 2 and have parents act as defenders in the middle
-The goal of the attackers is to pass the ball 3 times before they can try and pass it through the middle to the other side of attackers. They must stay in their area, and make a minimum of 3 passes before they can play the ball to the other side. If they get it through the defenders in the middle, then they get a point and the game keeps going
- The goal of the defenders is to get the ball. All of the defenders stay in the middle of the grid and try to block that final pass, except ONE defender can enter the attackers area and try to win the ball. They must wait until the first pass is made.
-If the ball goes out, or the defenders win the ball, the defenders switch places with that team, and the team that lost the ball is now defending in the middle
- The coach will play to ball into the attacking team.They must take a first touch, and play the first pass to one of their team mates before the defenders enter.
-This will work on their first touch, movement, and most of all, working as a team.
-Try and keep things moving as fast as your can. It may take a few minutes and tries for the players to get the hang of what’s going on, but when they do they will love it! Switch the defenders quickly, and play the balls in quickly. The less time standing around the more fun every one will have.
| | | |
| Attackers |  Defenders | Attackers |
| | | |
| | | |

If you have time at the end of your session, divide the team into 2 groups, and give pennies to one team. Make nets out of cones, or use a net if there is one near you. Allow the players to play, and look for the following coaching points:
  1. Use the space. If they bunch of (and play what I like to call “mob soccer” show them how to spread out. Yell “Stop” or “Freeze” and help move them around the area to create space.
  2. When dribbling keep the ball close
  3. Make passes firm and accurate (we will work on passing later, so don’t stress this too much)
  4. TALK. If they are quiet, encourage them to talk to each other and to let each other know where they are and that they are open.
Using a scrimmage is a great way to put into action techniques we learned in the session, as well as for you as a coach to see what needs to be worked on. We won’t do scrimmages every week, but this week it will be a good team builder.