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Monday, 15 May 2017

U8 Week 3

Hey Coaches! It has been great to hang out with you the first 2 weeks!
I know that last week many of the players showed up in attitudes that made it difficult to coach. If you had this, it was not just your team, but seemed to be common all across the fields. Sometimes that’s just how it goes unfortunately. Players can show up to the field tired and not wanting to listen. The biggest thing to do is always encourage them, and also remember that they are competitive by nature. So if they aren’t wanting to listen to you, adapt the drill to have them compete against each other either by racing (see who is the fastest, or the best defender/attacker, who has the hardest kick, etc...). I encourage you to never send your team for a lap or running lines as punishment (we didn’t have any of this last week which is good, but in future, I recommend no fitness punishments). However, letting your team run around your field to burn off energy is different is is totally acceptable, but I encourage you to do this with them so its not seen as a punishment but as fun. The difference is punishment vs energy burning. Sometimes they they may show up with just too much energy. Our role is to encourage and never discourage. While punishment sometimes is needed, we just need to be creative in how we do it.

If you have problems with your team not listening to being too rowdy, let me know and I will come over and help out! In the end, we want everyone to have fun, including you! :)

This week we are going to be working on attacking. When we are attacking we want to:
- keep possession of the ball, 
- keep the ball close
- attack with speed-have good first touch
-attack weak side if you know it-try and catch them flat footed-exploit them if too close

Warm Up

Make 2 lines, Placing cones 10 yards apart from each other
players X ----------------------------------X
10 Yards apart
Players X-----------------------------------X

Have players line up in 2 single-file lines with equal numbers in each.
Have them start at the first cone, and work toward the second cone. Demonstrate and call out the follow: do each 2x, have next player go when player in front is half way through
  • Light jog from cone 1 to 2
  • High knees
  • Heel kicks/ Butt kicks
  • Open the gates (talk to me if you don’t know what this is :)   )
  • Close the gates (talk to me if you don’t know what this is :)   )
  • Kicks straight out
  • Kicks across the body (swing arms and upper body opposite direction of kick)
  • Touch the toes (bend down, straight leg, no bending knees and reach as far as you can. Try reaching with left hand to right foot, right hand to left foot)
  • Squats (take 2-3 steps between each)
  • Full sprint from cone 1 to 2

Watch this youtube clip for an idea of what it should look like, not all are in the video

1. Box work
  • We have done this the first 2 weeks, but it is good to teach the players how to warm up properly and to get a good touch on the ball before working on other techniques.

Make your grid (however large you want) and give each player a ball.
  • Start with dribbling around the box. Encourage players to change direction and not just go around in a circle
    • Remember to take lots of small touches, and not big touches. The ball should never be more than 2 feet away from you at any time
    • DO NOT use your toes, use the inside or outside of your foot
  • As they get better at this, yell “stop” and have the players stop in place. Each time they are getting the hang of things, or you need to switch it up, do this and demonstrate one of the follow:
    • Turn: Place foot on ball and roll it backwards as you turn
    • Sit: Sit down on the ball until the coach says “up”
    • Cut: With the outside of your foot, wrap your foot around the ball and push it in another direction (if they struggle with this one feel free to skip it)
    • Change: Swap balls with another player by running up to them and gently passing the ball
    • Outside: leave your ball and run to a cone on the other side of the box and run back to your ball
    • Etc… Be creative. This is all about getting the players moving, and as many touches on the ball as we can.

2. Turn and Burn- dribbling with speed
Divide players into two teams – put them in different colored pinnies One team starts on one end of the grid with a ball each. Objective is for players with the ball to dribble towards the players without, who remain stationary. The coach shouts “Turn” and the players with the ball stop, turn and try to dribble back to their starting line. When the players without the ball here the coach shout “Turn” the players without the ball can release and try and steal the balls of the opposing team before they get back over the safe line. Take turns having both teams being attackers/defenders. Do not eliminate players who lose their ball. Let them have another go.
Variations: Introduce specific turns: big toe turn, little toe turn, pull back, etc.
3. Gates
This is a 1v1 (1 beat 1) drill. Set up grid as shown below. However large you want, with pairs of cones 1 yard apart creating “gates.” The goal is for the attacking player to keep the ball and run through as many gates as possible, while the defending player tries get the ball.
To start, having the defending player simple “shadow” the attacker, and not trying to win the ball, but just add some pressure. As they get the hang of it, have the defender work a little harder to win the ball. Let them go for 60 seconds, then switch.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 4.19.39 PM.png

4. 1v1 game (1 against 1)
Place 2 cones 1 yard apart. Place to pop up nets on either side of grid (see below).
Have players line up in 2 equal lines behind the cones.
When you say “GO” players will run behind the net (see line below), and then battle for the ball (played in by coach) in the middle. Whoever gets to the ball first tries to score, the other is the defender.
  • Coach plays ball in from where the triangle is in the diagram
  • Make sure you DO NOT play the ball straight down the middle as this is end up in a collision. Play ball more to one side, but make sure you are fair from turn to turn
5. Channel Game
We did this last week, but if you have time at the end it’s a way to have them play as well as continuing to learn to use the entire width of the field. Make your grid (I suggest 20x20 for this one). On each side, make a channel 3-5 yards in from the side (see below).
One each end, put a Pop-up net (I will bring them out on the field and they will be in a black cart with other equipment) for a goal.
Split team into 2 team, 1 with pinnies.
Before a team can score, they must have one player receive a pass while in the channel and pass it back out of the channel. This is to help the team use the width of the field rather than just stay in the middle of the field. Extra points if they score off of a direct cross that results in the goal.
  • Change things up by making them pass into and out of each channel, or make every player have to touch the ball before the team can score.

If you have time at the end, allow them to keep playing this game, or take the channels out and just let them play a scrimmage, encouraging them to use the width, make lots of passes while finding the space, and to talk lots while calling out each other’s names.