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Monday, 19 June 2017

U13 Week 8

Hey Coaches!

Can you believe it!? We are in our last week of the season!

Thank-you all for helping out with the Wind-Up on Saturday and for making it a success. It was a beautiful day, and everything ran smoothly.

One large part of my role as Head Coach is to help empower you as the coach to coach your team. From the beginning of the season up until now I have seen great growth in all of you in your confidence and ideas. Many of you have been following the blog, and keeping the players engaged which has been great to see! I have also seen many great ideas that you have come up with in how to keep your teams engaged.

For this last week we have with our teams, I want you to decide what to do. You know your players, and you know what they have liked over the weeks. So look back at the previous 7 weeks, and choose some of their favourite drills. Feel free to adapt them, or to even come up with your own. I had session plans prepared, but I know that you all have the understanding and confidence as a coach to do it yourself.

Boys teams, lets try and stay away form playing lightning. I know the boys love it, and that it keeps them engaged, but there are many more drills and games that are beneficial and will keep them engaged. If you have questions, let me know. You are the coach. If you say they can't do something, they should listen to you. If they don't, let me know :)

If you want some ideas, let me know and I will gladly help out.

Also, if you need any extra equipment for your drills, let me know as well.

My goal is to support you and train our coaches. As great as the blog is, I know that you have great ideas as well and I want to see you to use those ideas!

I will be coming around with Evaluation Forms for your team for you to fill out. This will help us with next year's team selection and to also help track development of our club.