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Sunday, 4 June 2017

U8 Week 6

Hey Coaches!

This week we will be working on possession and being a team. Encourage your players to use the width of the field, always have their head up, and to communicate (talk) to let their teammates know where they are and that they are open.

Start with your regular warmup. It is important (especially if it is warm) that we warm-up properly. As your players arrive, get them passing the ball to each other or working on their juggling.

1. Avoid The Collision:
See image below for drill.
  • When players meet in the middle and avoid each other, have each player move to the right. Try making a move (cut the ball outside, spin around, step over, etc..). Tell them what direction to go so they don’t collide.
* Coaching Point: Players should always have their head up. As soon as the receive the ball they should have their head up so that they can see where they are going, where the defender is, and where their team is. Players must always be looking up. You can see the ball from the bottom of your eyes (peripheral vision)
Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 5.35.22 PM.png

2. Outside Posession

Make a grid 15x15 (or larger if you need). On the outside, make channels on every side, 1-2 yards deep running the entire width of the grid (see image below).

Count how many players you have, if you have 6, have 2 players inside and 4 on the outside (on each side). If you have more, add them where you can, but make sure there are more players outside then inside. Try putting 2 players on one side on the outside.

The goal is for the players outside to keep possession by passing the ball. The players inside must try and win the ball. Players inside must not enter outside players areas. Make sure the players outside are not standing in one spot. They should be moving along the sides to find an open space to receive the pass.

As they get the hang of passing, put a time limit on how long they have until they must pass (something like 3 seconds) or a touch limit (can only take 2 or 3 touches). This will force them to move the ball quicker and speed up their thinking.

*Coaching point: Before a player receive a pass, they should already know where their next pass is going. Not just in this drill, but any time they receive a pass. This is done by knowing where you players are, communication, and positioning.  

3. Through the Middle
See image below. Make your area either a square for circle. Place 4 cones in the middle. This is the starting point.
Split teams into 2 groups. One will work inside while the others are outside.
Players on the inside start in the middle square, and then must run out and receive a pass from a player on the outside. They must then pass the ball back, and run back through the middle square (they must always return to the middle).
See who can get 30 passes first (or whatever number your decide on :)  )
Change the groups after everyone has made that many passes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 5.53.45 PM.png

4. Keep Away

Create smaller grids, probably 10x10 would be good, but feel free to make them bigger. In groups of three, play 1 v. 2.  Start with the 2 plays having a ball, the other player tries to get the ball. The one who has the ball must dribble and keep it. Those who don’t have a ball try to get one. Once they get the hang of it, change it that only 1 players has a ball, and the other 2 are trying to get it.

5. Possession Game
Regular scrimmage game, but no nets (at least to start). The goal is to make passes and keep possession.
  • Start with a goal being 5 passes
  • Next every player on the team must receive the ball
  • Next is 10 passes
  • Next is..? Get creative!
We want to see our players working as a team, not just one “superstar”. Games are won and lost as a team.

Towards the end of your session, feel free to add in some nets and just simply let them play, but only if they are working as a team and making passes.