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Sunday, 11 June 2017

U4 Week 7

Hey Coaches!

It’s crazy to think that we are almost done the season! We have this week, the Wrap-up on Saturday, and then our final week next week. Thank-you for all of your hard work! All of the information for the Wrap Up Should be out today.

1.  Lights
  • Line players up on one side. You are on the opposite sideline. When you say a light they will start running. Remember to encourage them to keep the ball close (not kicking it far away).
  • Game: Call out a color light
    •  Green light: they run and dribble towards you
    •  Yellow light: they walk and dribble towards you
    •  Red light: they stop the ball with the bottom of their foot – the sooner the better
    •  Disco light: they stop and give you their best dance moves
2.  Spiderman
Players all have a ball. Coach (or parents) holds a pinnie, this will be your “web”. Players run around in your area trying to keep their ball safe from your web. You chase after them and try to throw your net (pinnie) on their ball. If you catch their ball, they are frozen and another play must come and touch the caught ball with their own ball.

3. Pirate Ship
Use your cones to make a circle in one corner. This will be the “Pirate Ship”. In the opposite corner place anything you can (other cones, balls, pinnies, jackets, whatever you have) This is the treasure the players (I mean pirates…) will be stealing.

When you say go, they start in their ship and run to the treasure and can bring back ONE item at a time.

Start without using balls and just let them run. If they are too good, feel free to have them dribble the balls, but this may be a stretch.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.17.52 PM.png

4. Steal the Bacon
In your grid, place the balls in the middle in a straight line. Spit your team into 2 groups and have them line up on either end.
When you say “GO” the goal is to run to the middle, and get a ball. Start with having them pick the balls up with their hands and carry the ball back to their end. Once they get the hang of it, get them to DRIBBLE the ball back to their end, once all the balls are at both ends, the game is over.
  • Change things up by having the players start with laying down, and getting up when you say go or sitting facing the opposite direction. This will work on their coordination and ability to get up quickly.
  • Another way to change it up is to number the players (1 to ?) and call out numbers, I suggest calling out 2 numbers at a time. Only these number can go and get a ball. Once each number has gotten a ball, call out another number. Keep going until all balls are gone
5. Musical Soccer Balls
Use cones to make a circle large enough for your kids to run around. Place the soccer balls in the middle of the circle and make sure you have one less soccer ball than you have players. The players start on the outside of the circle and they are not allowed to go into the circle until the whistle blows. On the whistle, the players can sprint to the soccer balls. Because there is one less soccer ball, one player will be left without a ball. The player without the ball is then removed from the game. Every round you will need to remove one soccer ball.