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Sunday, 11 June 2017

U8 Week 7

Hey Coaches!

It’s crazy to think that we are almost done the season! We have this week, the Wrap-up on Saturday, and then our final week next week. Thank-you for all of your hard work! You’ll notice that the format below is a little different. I am trying out a new resource that we are looking at implementing next season.

All information for the Wrap Up will be coming out ASAP.

Over the last few weeks I have been going around to each age group and doing a "Head Coach Technical Session" where I have coached all the teams at once. This gives myself a chance to interact with the players, as well as a chance for you to observe me and hopefully learn something :)

This week I will work with all the u8 GIRLS teams. As your players show up get them to pass with each other, and then we will start the session all together with a warm-up. We will need all of your balls and other equipment. I will also need your help in demonstrations and drills. We will work on the specific skill together, I'll demonstrate the drill, and then we will break in to our teams and do that drill.

Boys, you will play your games that were cancelled on Thursday due to the Thunderstorm. Check you schedule for who you are playing. I will bring the nets over to the field, but will need your help in setting them up :) Also note that you will not have referees (unless Rory is able to find some that may be interested) so one of the coaches will ref the game.

Next week (Our last week) I will work with the boys, and the girls can play the games that were missed from the thunderstorm.