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Sunday, 11 June 2017

U5 Week 7

Hey Coaches!

It’s crazy to think that we are almost done the season! We have this week, the Wrap-up on Saturday, and then our final week next week. Thank-you for all of your hard work! All of the information for the Wrap Up Should be out today.

1. Colour dribbling and Stopping
This is a variation of Red Light/Green Light sort of combined with simon says. Start by having players dribble in in your area. Red Light means Stop, Green Light go.

As they get warmed up with this,  have them stop their balls with various parts of the body as identified by colors. Example - red is right hand, blue is left foot, rainbow is forehead, etc. I suggest start by just saying the body part first, and then as they get the hang of it assign a colour to that body part. This is a great game for them as it changes how they think about the movements of their body. They have to process what they are doing, which down the road will help them focus more in the game. As we change how our brains associate movement, the less we actually end up thinking about it when it becomes a normal thing (it becomes a “muscle memory” movement).

2. Pirate Ship
Use your cones to make a circle in one corner. This will be the “Pirate Ship”. In the opposite corner place anything you can (other cones, balls, pinnies, jackets, whatever you have) This is the treasure the players (I mean pirates…) will be stealing.

When you say go, they start in their ship and run to the treasure and can bring back ONE item at a time.

Start without using balls and just let them run. If they are too good, feel free to have them dribble the balls, but this may be a stretch.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.17.52 PM.png

3. Number Dribbling
Have players jog with a ball at their feet in the same direction. When you call a number, that many players must come together with balls touching each other. Example: the call is three, players must get in groups of 3. Those players unable to form a unit of three do three push-ups or star jumps or…? Be creative :)

4. Trap, Dribble, Score
Make a channel of cones with the net at the end. Players line-up opposite the net. You will pass the ball in, and the player must take a good first touch, dribble the ball towards the net, and shoot. Once they shoot they run back to the end of the line around the outside of the cones (to stay out of the way.


Once they get the hang of trapping, dribbling, and shooting, add some cones in the middle to create a slalom course they must dribble through.

5. Possession

Split your team into 2 teams and simply have them play keep away. Make sure they are moving and passing.

One way you can motivate them without having a net is to have a coach (or parent) stand at each end (where the goal would be) and the point is to pass the ball to the coach (or parent). Once the coach receives it, they must pass the ball back to the team they got it from (1 coach per team standing opposite each other).